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Vinny Kurtis President

As a 15 year established company in the cleaning industry, FMS has built a reputation for being a reliable partner to the customers in a good or bad time. A situation like COVID -19 changed our lives and monitoring the industry impacts we are  likely well connected to PPE
manufacturing industry and managers over the globe and combined has resulted in an expanding in PPE global trading company.

Vinny Kurtis
Vin Trading LLC.

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The global spread of the new coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020. The corona pandemic has extreme effects on the international movement of goods and thus the global economy.
Some of America’s most important trading partners are particularly affected by the pandemic.
The pandemic caused by COVID-19 is having a massive impact on financial markets and the economy worldwide.
The changed trade
Vin TRADING LLC has set itself the task of adapting its customers’ trading activities quickly and efficiently to today’s changed economic Covid-19 pandemic.
Whether consumer wishes, production processes, or legal requirements for the industry – the world in which we live is constantly changing. The flow of goods is becoming more and more cross-border. It’s exciting and challenging at the same time. We closely monitor trends and changes in the markets.
Our constantly-growing portfolio offers us the opportunity to analyze your requirements according to your needs and to propose appropriate complete solutions.
Thanks to our worldwide network and country-wide offices, we can react quickly to customer requirements in any commodity demand.


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 Our team has been resourceful and efficient in obtaining and distributing regular orders of PPE, including gallons of hand sanitizer, masks, gloves.

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